The classic science-fiction fantasy novel A Princess of Mars, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs is the first in the series that takes place on the planet Mars also called Barsoom. Mars is seen as a hot, dry planet that houses many kinds of alien races including the green Tharks and the Red Martians. John Carter, a former Civil War soldier, is mysteriously teleported to Barsoom when he explores an ancient cave in Arizona.

The difference in gravity on Barsoom gives John Carter amazing speed and strength, which he uses to rise up as a valued member of the Thark tribe. The Red Martian princess, Dejah Thoris, is captured by the Tharks. John Carter attempts to stay alive as he tries to return Deja to her people. The warring Tharks are then led by Carter to attack the city of Zodanga; an enemy of Dejah Thoris and her people.

Because of his heroic actions, Dejah Thoris falls in love with John Carter, and they rule the Helium region for nine years. When Barsoom finally feels like home, disaster strikes in the form of the breakdown of a factory that supplies the planet with air. Desperate to save the planet, John Carter uses his knowledge to teleport himself and a worker inside the factory to fix the machine. There, Carter finds himself choking inside of the factory and awakens to find himself back on planet Earth; with no sign of Thoris.

The A Princess of Mars audiobook is professionally narrated and mastered from the A Princess of Mars book by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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