A classic tale of the journeys and challenges faced by young boys unravels in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The energetic Tom - who lives with his aunt - is frequently made to do things that he simply does not want to do; namely, going to school and to church. His days off are Saturdays, but when he misbehaves, even those are taken away from him by Aunt Polly. Yet after Tom and his friends witness a murder, for whom the wrong person is blamed, his summer of adventures truly begins.

Later, Tom and his friend, Huck Finn, decide to go on a quest for buried treasure, only to find themselves in the presence of two thieves who have an evil plot to harm one of the widows in town. Purely by chance, Tom and his love interest, Becky, become trapped in a cave, and to Tom's fright, discover that there is someone else who is in the cave with them - someone that they would absolutely not like to cross. Ultimately, Tom and Becky are rescued, but the tale does not end there. In the true spirit of boyhood adventures, Tom and Huck reunite to continue their streak of treasure hunting and manage to devise a plan to create their own troupe of robbers.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer audiobook is professionally narrated and mastered from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer book by Mark Twain.

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