Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery covers the mid-teenage years of Anne Shirley. She is the new schoolteacher of Avonlea, and Anne meets many new people and gets into several fun mishaps. From accidentally selling her neighbor's cow to painting the town hall a bright, startling blue, the adventures never stop.

Anne must rise above her troublesome new neighbor Mr. Harrison, and at the same time she must raise a set of twins that are dumped on her doorstep. These twins, Dora and Davy, are a delightful pair, but Davy tends to cause trouble and chaos wherever he goes. When she is not rounding up the twins or arguing with her neighbor, Anne is at the schoolhouse teaching many children, including a young American boy, Paul Irving. Filled with an imagination that reminds Anne of herself as a child, Anne is delighted by having Paul as a student. However, Paul's future is uncertain as his father is away in the United States working.

Miss Lavender Lewis, a woman who has been engaged to Paul's father for over two decades but never married, is also in town. Anne joins the Avonlea Village Improvement Society (AVIS) to improve her social status and to help the town. The work of AVIS has mixed results, and Anne struggles to balance her busy young life. Anne of Avonlea is filled with humor, drama, and a little bit of everything else, making this book a must-listen!

The Anne of Avonlea audiobook is professionally narrated and mastered from the Anne of Avonlea book by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

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