Beyond Good and Evil gives profound insight into the personal philosophies of one of history's greats, Friedrich Nietzsche. Within the work, first published in 1886, you'll find close to 300 of Nietzsche's aphorisms, organized by theme and spanning nine chapters.

Nietzsche begins his work by stating that all philosophies are nothing more than the complex personal opinions by the philosophers that put them forth, and that it's the listener's responsibility to weed out the subjective from the true philosophy. Some of Nietzsche's thoughts and theories provide the cornerstones of philosophical and sociological thought. One of the better known theories is the "will to power," the idea that all humans possess an inherent sense of ambition and the desire to strive for success.

Throughout the rest of the work, Nietzsche speaks at length regarding dogmatism and religion, our system of moral codes, and the extent to which strength can be equated with cruelty, nationalism, and race. He also dives into his musings on what makes a human being noble.

The Beyond Good and Evil audiobook is professionally narrated and mastered from the Beyond Good and Evil book by Friedrich Nietzsche.

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