The age old question of who loves whom is a timeless one that transcends generations. If anyone knew how to incorporate the many intricacies and obstacles of romance into one novel, it was none other than Jane Austen. Few are actually aware that this novel has gone on to inspire many other productions, such as the movie Clueless. The classic focuses on the life of Emma, who is 20 years old when we meet her and is whole-heartedly satisfied with the idea that she will never get married. Despite her aversion to a lifelong commitment to love, throughout the novel, Emma tries to be a matchmaker to both friend and acquaintance, failing miserably at every opportunity.

As she meddles her way throughout the book, she ends up considering different men to be her suitor, to which her wiser brother-in-law Mr. Knightly keeps a steady and suspicious eye on. Nearly each time Emma thinks she has a problem solved, Mr. Knightly shows her the error of her ways. At the end of the novel, Emma realizes that she is actually in love with Mr. Knightly.

The Emma audiobook is professionally narrated and mastered from the Emma book by Jane Austen.

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