Charlotte Brontë's classic novel, Jane Eyre, brings to life the ups and downs encountered by the book's namesake, the young Jane Eyre. Orphaned at an early age, Jane is raised by her aunt, Mrs. Reed, who treats her poorly. Fortunately for Jane, she is sent away to the Lowood School, but she soon encounters more maltreatment at the hands of the headmaster.

Jane remains at the school as a student for six years and eventually becomes a teacher, working at Lowood for an additional two years. She later moves to the manor known as Thornfield, where she accepts a nanny position, and it is there that she encounters the famed Mr. Rochester, with whom she falls in love. Though she is relatively happy at Thornfield, she suspects that there are secrets that are being kept from her, one of which is revealed on the day that she is to marry Mr. Rochester.

The revelation of this secret forces Jane to leave Thornfield, and when she does, not only does she meet some long-lost family members, she also finds out that she has inherited something that will help her on her journey. Despite the pain that Mr. Rochester caused her, Jane cannot deny her feelings for him and at the end of the novel makes the decision to pursue love rather than hang on to her selfish pride.

This Jane Eyre audiobook is professionally narrated and mastered from the Jane Eyre book by Charlotte Brontë.

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